What waits for you?

Are they ‘just’ dreams?

Saint Paul, Minnesota

I’m still pumped about my upcoming book, Change State, and what it might be able to do for you.

I have to be honest — sharing the book with my family and friends has been a bit nerve-wracking.

Because, like you… I don’t enjoy negative feedback.

It’s easy to destroy— I’d venture to say that society rewards it.

It’s not easy to build.

Putting something out there… building something… creating something… opens us to criticism that we might not want to hear.

It’s in these moments of fear, these forks in the road, where our future is decided.

Do I take the easy path and give up?

“It wasn’t going to work out anyways.”
“No one cares what I have to say.”
“I don’t have time to do this.”

Or, do you choose see this fear as a figment of your imagination? A false expectation of how others might act… or react… based on your perceptions of self-worth and a misguided concern for how others think of you?

Do you want the direction of your life
defined by the opinions of other people?

When I received my advance copies of the book, I wanted it to be perfect before I shared it with others.

Of course, my book will never be perfect. And their feedback may well be valuable.

More valuable still is trusting yourself, that you can accomplish anything if you put in the effort.

Fear is the number one killer of your dreams.

But it doesn’t have to be.

Fear and excitement release many of the same chemicals in our brains and bodies, including cortisol and adrenaline.

Rather than giving into the fear of the opinion of others, you can choose to redefine your emotions as excitement. Embrace the unknown ahead of you. Recognize that there will be failures to learn from, successes to launch from.

Build towards the dreams you have, brick by brick.

And one day, you can look back and say,

“I did it.”

Go do it.

Keep your focus,