Running low on Medicare promos?

Hey— Do you have an email list?

The reason I ask is, I have a friend Mark. He’s also a broker for Medicare plans.

And with Open Enrollment happening now, he couldn’t find the time to market to his email list.

So he hired me (my name’s Jeffrey), and I wrote 14 16 sales letters for his Medicare Advantage email list.

Mark’s been pumping them out slowly over the last few weeks—

  • Emails about Woodstock.
  • Emails about Grey Poupon.
  • Emails about aging rock stars.
  • Emails about affordable drugs.
  • Emails about estate planning.
  • Emails about 1954 trivia.

And we’ve realized, the more he sends, the more they open.

And so we’re going to amp his mailing rate even higher as Open Enrollment nears the end.

You see, with the repeated contact… from a real person… his subscribers have grown to expect the unexpected.

So they read the emails.

And they call him.

Now, with the end of Open Enrollment just around the corner, my client asked if anyone else was using these.

“No,” I said.

“Why not?” he asked.

Good question.

My client insisted other Medicare brokers might want exactly what he’s been sending out.

You see, Mark’s focus was on his business.

He didn’t have the time to market to his list.

He didn’t have the energy.

Mark knew that NOW is the time to be hitting up his list

…so we solved his problem with these 15 emails.

And you?

Have you been hitting up your list?

If not, maybe I can help.

Starting today even, you can swipe these same pre-written marketing letters to your list.

Copy, paste, perfect it ever so slightly, and send.

Boom, today’s email marketing is done.

It couldn’t be much easier.

Now you can go for lunch, or play with your dog,

…after just 5 minutes of work.

(Or if you have a bit more time, you can further adjust these letters to your market—

Add a bit of flair, throw in a link to your favorite local ice cream shop, or clean up something that just “doesn’t sound like you.”

Because of course, we want these to work for you.)

This isn’t going to work for everyone though.

There’s a few sticking points I have to point out.

First, I am offering this pack of emails to multiple brokers in your area… but only one broker can buy it.

If you license these first, you’ll be the only game in town with exclusive use of these letters. I promise I won’t sell to anyone else in your metro area.

You see, the last thing I want is for you to learn someone else is using these letters in your market!

So once I sell to someone in Chicago… or in San Diego… or even Peoria… no one else can buy there.

Second, you have to have (or find) an email list of prospective clients. I can’t give you that.

And third, you’ll have to copy, paste, and slightly adjust these emails before they can be sent. They’re written …but you still have to put in 5 minutes of effort before they can be sent.

Things like, closing with your own name and phone number, or adjusting the formatting (if you want).

Easy changes if you already use your email marketing program.

And that’s it.

Now, if you have just 5 minutes in your morning, you could be contacting potential buyers every day from now until the end of Open Enrollment.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned in business, it’s that people like relevant, entertaining messages. They’re willing to read ’em… even when it’s a sales message.

Those are the emails I’m offering to you— 15 entertaining emails that discuss relevant information to the Medicare buyers in your market.

And I recommend sending these emails nearly every day, especially as the OE period nears the end.

Daily emails might seem like a lot to you. It’s probably more than you’re used to sending. You might worry that some readers will unsubscribe from your list.

They will.

That’s ok, and let me tell you why.

In this time-crunch situation… pardon my french but you want your list to shit or get off the pot. If they’re not interested in exploring your free offer to review their Medicare plan and save them money, they are not buyers. Let them go.

You have a list to sell to.

Here’s what we can do. Start with the form below.

Fill out some basic contact info below. Text me if you have any questions, my number is down there too.

If you’re the first in your area, I’ll send you a PayPal invoice and immediately after payment, you’ll receive a link to a Google Drive that has these letters available for you to copy and use.

Remember, you’re licensing these emails for Medicare Open Enrollment 2019. The license expires on December 8th (although you’ll have the emails to reference later of course).

What I mean is… if you’re going to buy these, you’ve got to put them to use! They expire soon!

And because I can only offer this to one buyer in each metro area… and doing so cuts me off from other buyers in your area… there is no money back guarantee. I want to be clear. Once you purchase this license for 2019, your purchase cannot be refunded.

So while the emails in this package each cost less than a fancy coffee… and over a large list could potentially bring in enough clients to pay for this package in a few days… or even in one day… you have to be sure this $147 is worth your investment.

You have to be prepared to put these emails to use.

OH WAIT one more thing— I’ll be writing more emails over these upcoming weeks. I’ll be sure to add them to your purchase as well.

Alright, if this sounds like something you’d like, let me know in this form. If you’re the first in your metro area, I’ll send you the PayPal invoice with a 2 hour payment window (and then it’s someone else’s turn)

When you pay your invoice, I’ll immediately send you a link to a Google Drive that will have everything you need to plug into your email marketing program.

It’s really that simple. And if you have an email list that you’re ignoring during Open Enrollment, can you afford to not try this out?

If you have any questions you can reach me by text message at 651- 32 1 . 3459 or by email at

Thanks for your interest.

—Jeffrey Thomas

Saint Paul, Minnesota

651 -32 1 . 345 9

Now, here’s that form: