The Secret: Thoughts Become Things

The Secret” is a documentary and book from 2006. The central premise is “The Law of Attraction,” which attracts what you think about the most.

“Thoughts Become Things.” –Mike Dooley, dude from this movie

Most people focus on their problems and the negatives in their lives. Whatever we think about becomes manifest. Whatever we focus on, the Law of Attraction will provide. It’s to our benefit to think positive thoughts.

I’m only 10 minutes into this movie. From a Persuasion standpoint, here’s what I’m thinking:

1, I agree that what we focus on, positive or negative, we will find that in our lives. Confirmation bias assures that we’ll find supporting evidence for our focus. The Secret encourages us to focus on the positive that we want. Harness the focusing illusion for your own benefit.

2, However, you and I often frame our desires with what we don’t want. Our brain must accept a positive idea before it can consider a negative. Saying that you don’t want to be bullied, for example, puts a focus on the bully action. The Secret works to re-frame this process, so we never consider the unhelpful activity. Of course, what we do focus on gets reinforced by confirmation bias.

We can’t control every thought. But we can recognize our feelings, and we can control what we do to create those feelings. Continue to create those good feelings.

What you think and feel today creates your future.

It’s important that you feel good. The Secret is to feel really good, always.

Next, write out what you want. What you really want. Place an order with the universe. Ask.

Then you gotta believe it can and will happen. The universe will rearrange to make it happen. You attract it. Believe.

Feel what you want to come true. You have to feel it. Build bigger and better fantasies to be creative. Manifest, and Receive.

How long will it take? It’s a matter of being in alignment with the universe. Zero effort. Very Tao, flow of the Universe.

How? Gratitude, focus on what you have; be grateful for the positive in your life. Visualize, focus on what you want; your mind can’t distinguish if it’s real. Feel Good, be in tune with the magic of life.

Spend time every day focusing on what you want. Never focus on the negatives that you want to repel.

State what you want: I want $20,000 extra this year.

In the beginning, it feels like a lie. But abundance is a mindset and events won’t manifest if you’re not expecting them. We must create the opportunity for confirmation bias to work in our favor.


One hour in to this movie, I’m again reminded of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends and Influence People.

Carnegie’s first rule:

Do not criticize, condemn, or complain.

The Secret advises against focusing on any “dis-ease.” If you’re sick, focus on the positive. Let your body heal itself. You become what you think about. That sounds a bit short-sighted and faithful.

As a society, we’re focused on the fights against terrorism, poverty, drugs. Everything we focus on manifests more of that thing.

“Energy flows where attention goes” –Rev. Dr. Beckwith, dude from this movie

And we, as atoms, are all energy. All religions tell us that we’re created in the image of the ultimate power. If we define this as energy, we’re all connected and all powerful.

You can break free from the molds that hold you where you are. Experience joy whenever you can. Inner-happiness is your fuel towards success.

Follow your bliss.

The Secret. From a program-your-brain standpoint, I think it’s totally accurate. We’re not tapped on the shoulder to become successful. We need to expand what we believe can happen. We need to focus on what we want and believe it’s possible.

From a nay-sayer’s standpoint, I can imagine the whole premise seems absurd.

As Henry Ford said,

Whether You Believe You Can Do a Thing or Not, You Are Right.

Have you read this book or seen this movie, The Secret? Have you applied it’s lessons? Or is it all hogwash? Leave a comment below!

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