My Grandpa’s Dirty Secret to a Clean Kitchen (and My Life in Advertising: Chapter 4)


Check out this totally fantastic photo from 1989. My family was just moving into our new home.

I had just turned 10 years old. The shorts say it all.

I was looking for a photo of the kitchen carpet in this kitchen from when my grandpa owned the house. I couldn’t have hoped to find a gem like that photo above.

Back to the kitchen carpet. Yes, it existed; it’s barely visible in my photo above. It was patterned in food words. “Onion” was printed in white, for example, and “pepper” printed in green. Continue reading “My Grandpa’s Dirty Secret to a Clean Kitchen (and My Life in Advertising: Chapter 4)”

How Social Consistency Helps Make the Sale


A friend recently told me that, despite having no ability to play the banjo, he recently outbid others at a silent auction. Once he expressed a minor interest in the instrument, he found it hard to walk away. Combine this with the scarcity of the item and the time crunch, and he found himself drawn into an impossible situation. He was asking if I had any tips to pass along. Nope! Do you have any banjo tips to share?

Last week I introduced Social Consistency. As you saw, people want to remain consistent to the public statements they’ve made. They don’t want to eat their words! Pointing out someone’s inconsistent statements will often force them to revert to those previous attitudes. People like to agree with their previous selves, don’t you think?

People also work to maintain consistent behavior, and use words that reflect those behaviors. No one wants to appear erratic. Erratic is synonymous with crazy, and crazy is dangerous. Continue reading “How Social Consistency Helps Make the Sale”