Kevin Hart’s Guide To Complaining

This chair is Ass.

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Yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work, I listened to a bit of the Joe Rogan podcast with comedian Kevin Hart.

Kevin is hilarious. His new Netflix special “Irresponsible” is great (unlike the dirty and actually irresponsible stand-up special by a pregnant comedian whom I shall not name.)

Now, on Rogan’s podcast, Kevin talks about surrounding yourself with positivity.

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Mindset with Ed Latimore
(Persuasion Play Podcast 005)

Today’s episode of the Persuasion Play Podcast features Author, a former professional Heavyweight Boxer, and Master of Mindset Ed Latimore.

Listen as Ed discusses his career in boxing, his methods to grow his Twitter influence to over 65,000 followers, his methods to maintain a positive mindset, and so much more.

  • Learn Ed’s perspective on learning new information (and how you can apply it to your own learning) (1:50)
  • Ed’s experience with travel and the false expectation US Americans have when traveling (5:38)

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(Persuasion Play Podcast 005)”

Seven Suggestions on Improving Soccer Performance

The 2018 World Cup is in full swing. If you haven’t caught any yet, you can stream the last few games here on Telemundo.

The world’s best players are out: Messi, Ronaldo, Neymar – unable to mesh with their national team, unable to pull those teams ahead on their own.

England’s national team, once a soccer powerhouse and the inventors of ‘football,’ has had abysmal international performance since 1996.

Apparently a missed shootout in 1996 has cursed the national team ever since.

Complicating the matter, that failed kicker from 1996 is now the head coach of England’s 2018 World Cup team.

Gareth Southgate isn’t letting his past failures define him. Instead he is using this as a stepping stone to teach his team about mindset and stretching past their comfort zone.

Persuasion is all about changing minds for better outcomes.

A friend recently asked how she could improve her own soccer performance. She felt that her skills were deteriorating and in need of a boost.

"IMG_1093" by Peter, Flickr, CC-By-2.0
“IMG_1093” by Peter, Flickr, CC-By-2.0

Here were my seven suggestions, based on self-persuasion.

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The Problem with Positivity (Negative Embedded Commands)

Imagine you’re at a party. You stop in the kitchen to refill your beverage. You find yourself drawn into a conversation. As the evening (and the conversation) progresses, the kitchen fills with more and more people.

Soon it seems as though the rest of the house must be empty! Everyone is in the kitchen!

People gather where there is food. "Cake!" by Kate Russel, Flickr, CC-By-2.0
People gather where there is food and warmth. “Cake!” by Kate Russel, Flickr, CC-By-2.0

I’m sure you’ve noticed — people love to gather in the kitchen at parties. The hearth is the symbolic center of the home, where food and warmth are found. Continue reading “The Problem with Positivity (Negative Embedded Commands)”