10 Things I Learned from The Uplifter:
Stephen R. Moore from Leadership3p.com
(PRL’s First Podcast!)

Stephen R. Moore sat patiently across from me while I fidgeted with my mobile phone. I didn’t know how my first podcast was going to turn out. I was trying to keep my nerves under control, play it cool, and not waste his time.

Stephen is a leadership and sales coach, helping corporate clients in the car industry get better customer satisfaction and results. His cooperative, Leadership3P, pulls in over $600,000 every year.

His time is valuable, to say the least.

We were already off to a rough start. My plan to

Stephen R. Moore, the Uplifter
The Uplifter was an inspiring first podcast. I am eternally grateful!

meet in a quiet library didn’t work out due to a national holiday (A sincere thank you to all of our nation’s military veterans for your service).

I hadn’t made a backup plan. In my scramble to find a new location, I chose what must have been the loudest coffee shop in miles. Continue reading “10 Things I Learned from The Uplifter: Stephen R. Moore from Leadership3p.com (PRL’s First Podcast!)”

Dinner in an Instant

Dinner was going to be late again. The dream of perfect 10 minute enchiladas, sizzling and gooey and crunchy, was only a dream. Much like the other late meals I had been making.

"Layers" by Robert Couse-Baker. Flickr, CC-By-2.0
“Layers” by Robert Couse-Baker. Flickr, CC-By-2.0

Hoping to improve our weeknight cooking game, my wife and I had picked up an Instant Pot.

We were still learning how to use it. Instant, apparently, Continue reading “Dinner in an Instant”

The Secret: Thoughts Become Things

The Secret” is a documentary and book from 2006. The central premise is “The Law of Attraction,” which attracts what you think about the most.

“Thoughts Become Things.” –Mike Dooley, dude from this movie

Most people focus on their problems and the negatives in their lives. Whatever we think about becomes manifest. Whatever we focus on, the Law of Attraction will provide. It’s to our benefit to think positive thoughts.

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