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Full Moon, 2018-03-02, from my Nikon D5100 and a 240mm zoom lens. Image CC-By-2.0 Jeffrey G Thomas
Full Moon, 2018-03-02, from my Nikon D5100 and a 240mm zoom lens. Image CC-By-2.0 Jeffrey G Thomas

Happy Friday the 13th!

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Is it useful to bore your audience?


Saint Paul


Hey there!

Yesterday we discussed the importance of your tone of voice, specifically how being monotone works against your ability to hold someone’s attention.

If your voice has no texture, basically, there’s nothing to hook your listeners’ ears.

"Brain" by wyinoue, Flickr, CC-By-2.0
Can we tap directly into someone’s brain? “Brain” by wyinoue, Flickr, CC-By-2.0

But… I mentioned that maybe you want to be boring and monotone, on occasion.

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What is a “tell” that someone is lying?

7:22am, St Paul

From  a question on

What is a “tell” that someone is lying?

It’s hard to know if someone is lying. It’s a super power we all wish we had… but we can’t read minds.

Displaying signs of discomfort. Image "distant distance" by Rennett Stowe, Flickr, CC-By-2.0
Displaying signs of discomfort.
Image “distant distance” by Rennett Stowe, Flickr, CC-By-2.0

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Orwell himself never envisioned a future so bright!

Saint Paul, MN

I don’t want to be too alarmist here, but your phone has the potential to melt your brain.

If you’re holding it in just the right any-which-way, the visual stimulation can

overwhelm your understanding of reality!

You see, your phone’s visual power hijacks your prefrontal cortex and amygdala. That 200,000 year-old-brain doesn’t stand a chance!

It’s hard to look away when there is more information to be read or watched; more altered photos of a perfect life you’d like to lead; more outrageous headlines to glance at.

(A new study this week says that people who read Facebook news previews —not the full article— believe they’re more informed than they actually are. That doesn’t mean those articles are accurate of reality of course…)

When you’re poking at your phone, your sense of time changes. Minutes or even hours go missing from your day — precious time from your bank of life. And once that… time is gone…

you’ll never get back!

Your understanding of the world changes. You begin to see the hostilities of the semi-anonymous people on the other end of so many interactions. You wonder if everyone is so hostile, and you begin to keep to yourself in a crowded area. Why converse with the people around you if you can stare at your phone?

Stories and news feeds are customized to your interest; echos of your opinion are reflected back at you, re-enforcing your beliefs because, hey, everyone seems to feel this same way!

And the people that feel otherwise…

are wrong!
must be stopped!
don’t have a heart!
don’t believe in science!

Do you know who Alex Jones is?

He’s a right-leaning Texan with his own rant-filled “news show.”

On the show, Jones connects conspiracy dots across time and space from many different sources, painting an

alternate understanding of reality.

It’s all quite entertaining to watch, and his sources are all out there for you to find. I can’t say that he’s correct, but I can’t say that he’s not ever correct either.

But if you were to follow one side of the media, *|FNAME|*, you’re told that Jones is dangerous, or that he doesn’t believe that horrific school shootings happen.

Now, Jones has spoken out to say otherwise, to clarify his position in light of different evidence. He made an appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast last week and his stance on horrific school shootings was one of the first things they discussed.

But for the media to cover that story (or make any corrections to their narrative) would give Jones credibility—

something the media cannot allow!

So the media keeps pushing their profit-driven agenda to divide people,
You willingly stare at the headlines on your phone,
Your brain is fed stories which override critical thought and creativity,

And everyone pays for this very privilege.

Orwell envisioned a future where we’re all being watched by devices that can’t turn off; where the powerful devise a storyline about current events and the people follow along.

Orwell never considered a future where we willingly refuse to turn off our devices, where we willingly carry tracking mechanisms in our pockets, where we willingly fight among ourselves and keep people divided.

And… it’s more profitable than Orwell ever imagined.


PS. I try to reread Orwell’s 1984 every few years, and it’s been a while. I picked it up recently and it’s incredibly sad how much of current reality it seems to reflect. Check it out if you’re not familiar with the story or if it’s been a while. Find it here on Amazon, and I’m sure your local library has a copy.

If you’re interested to learn more about the divisiveness in the media, check out the movie Hoaxed. It’s all about the profit motive in media and how easy a narrative can be pushed. If you’re resisting this idea, the movie is all the more important.

Additionally, this Sunday, right-leaning political maverick Candace Owens has a conversation with the left-leaning leader of Black Lives Matter New York, Hawk Newsome. They’re looking for common ground; I can’t wait. Watch the trailer here

Good luck out there.