Building Momentum with the Power of Why

Behold… the Building power of Why.

Saint Paul, Minn

People are an emotional lot, aren’t they?

Telling someone what to do (or how to do it)… rarely works in your favor. When you tell someone what to do, you’re taking away their agency, their ability to think and act for themselves.

People rebel against that authoritarian decision making, even if it’s in their best interest. Sure, they might do it Continue reading “Building Momentum with the Power of Why”

10 Things you’ll learn in by Mark Joyner

Monday 8:24pm

Saint Paul


When people ask me about PRL… or more tellingly, when they don’t ask me… it seems to me that they assume there’s some sorcery going on.

Almost as if I’m able to

Cast Magic Spells to Control Everyone’s Thoughts!

Now I know this isn’t true… and perhaps you know this isn’t true… but the facts remain that people are vulnerable to influence and persuasion, Continue reading “10 Things you’ll learn in by Mark Joyner”