PRL’s Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to Jeffrey with (hereout also referred to as “Jeffrey”, “I,” “we,” “PRL,” “business,” “company,” or “website.”)

I am excited that you’re interested in learning more about Persuasion, Motivation, and Influence. I will not violate your trust. You can request removal from PRL’s email list at any time.

Contact Information is the sole property of Jeffrey G Thomas, with contributions from others in the form of guest posts or emails, podcast guests, Creative-Commons-licensed images, or quotes used for scholarly or academic reasons. You can contact Jeffrey with PRL at PersuasionReadingList @ or via snail mail at 2015 Morgan Avenue, Suite Zed, Saint Paul Minnesota 55116 USAUSAUSA

What information might PRL collect?

Communication Data: When you sign up for the email list, PRL (or our mailing affiliates) collect your name and email address, necessary for the PRL email list and communications.

User Data: Any comments posted to PRL are publicly visible and contain the information that you include. Your replies to emails may contain user information as well.

Technical Data: When you visit, post comments to articles, read or reply to emails, or follow links, the webserver(s) or mailserver(s) may automatically log your public IP address, your email activity, or your website interactions.

Customer Data: Any purchases made through PRL would include purchase information, handled by a secure third party, as well as the necessary information to process the purchase and delivery.

Marketing Data: Analytic tools such as Google Analytics may track your country of origin and other demographic information.

We collect this data to provide you with the best user experience while working to grow the PRL site, it’s relevance to you, and our overall business. Any information that you provide will not be shared or sold without your consent.

Links to the World Wide Web

PRL contains links to third-party sites outside of our control. Following these links may allow the third parties to collect information or data about you. PRL does not control these sites and we are not responsible for their privacy policies.


You can unsubscribe from the PRL email list at any time. If you are inactive on the email list by not opening the messages we send, you may be automatically unsubscribed. If this happens, you are welcome to resubscribe at any time.

Data Removal

At any time, you can request removal of all of your data from our webserver(s) and mailserver(s). I will work to respond to these requests within a two-week time period after initially acknowledging your request. If this becomes undue in complexity or repetition, PRL may need to charge a reasonable fee for these efforts. I do not foresee this being an issue.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy will be updated as required to meet current and new laws. If you feel something isn’t right please alert us immediately at PersuasionReadingList @ This policy was last updated 2018-07-24.

Thank you for being a part of PRL, I am excited to have you. –Jeffrey with PRL.