Mindset with Ed Latimore
(Persuasion Play Podcast 005)

Today’s episode of the Persuasion Play Podcast features Author, a former professional Heavyweight Boxer, and Master of Mindset Ed Latimore.

Listen as Ed discusses his career in boxing, his methods to grow his Twitter influence to over 65,000 followers, his methods to maintain a positive mindset, and so much more.

      • Learn Ed’s perspective on learning new information (and how you can apply it to your own learning) (1:50)
      • Ed’s experience with travel and the false expectation US Americans have when traveling (5:38)

      • How Ed started in Professional Boxing in Pittsburgh and what it taught him about his own personal development (9:25)
      • Ed’s path through the US National Guard and his plan to earn more money by choosing his college degree based on his interests and job prospects (14:45)
      • How you can take a healthier perspective when you compare yourself against others (18:15)
      • The reason Ed believes simple problems are presented as complex (20:35)
      • Ed’s conversation with himself which motivated him to write books and launch his personal improvement forward (25:15)
      • The optimal age to teach children the importance of mindset and hard work — and when they’ll have another chance to catch up (30:45)
      • Two ways people waste a lot of time instead of improving themselves (33:46)
      • Ed’s personality type results on the Myers-Briggs test (37:00)
      • Two ways Ed recommends you can build self-control (39:40)
      • How physical training helps you develop your mental discipline (44:20)
      • Ed’s secret to maintain a positive mindset (47:30)
      • What Ed knows about growing his Twitter following (Ed shares the secrets that you don’t know) (52:10)
      • How Ed keeps himself healthy (ways most people you know probably ignore! Is this you?) (58:20)
      • What happens when you stop caring what other people think (and how to repel people that take advantage of you) (59:25)
      • What Ed knows about Second Order and Third Order Thinking, and how failing to think ahead can help your opposition and derail your desires (1:02:57)
      • Ed’s plans for his future and how he maintains recurring revenue while his future plays out (1:07:19)

Find Ed Latimore on his personal site at EdLatimore.com/

his Twitter page at Twitter.com/EdLatimore

Ed’s first book “Not Caring What Other People Think Is a Superpower” on Amazon at tinyurl.com/amazon-ed-latimore

and Ed’s newest book about growing his Twitter influence, “Engagement is the New Cocaine” found at gumroad.com/a/578794611

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Enjoy the Persuasion Play Podcast episode 005 featuring Ed Latimore: