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How's that pain? Image from 'The Corpse Vanishes' (film), 1942
How’s that pain? Image from ‘The Corpse Vanishes’ (film), 1942


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How to explain anything to anyone: 4 steps to clearer communication

“It’s better to come up with a simpler explanation that maybe isn’t completely technically correct but it gets the point across.”


How what’s in our heads changes what’s in the world

An interview with one of my favorite thinkers, Shane Parrish.


If ‘Pain is an Option,’ there are ways to Change your Mind

NYTimes explores some mental approaches to manage pain.


The best thing you learned at therapy

A Twitter thread of life changing advice that people learned from therapy. One recurring theme is, “Give Yourself Permission” — no one is holding you back more than yourself #mindset


Stop Obsessing About Focus: Here’s What Your Mind Really Needs

A wide-ranging post about Mindfulness and how to better cultivate your narrow and wide focus.