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Don't be sad, here watch me juggle! mage from Steve Martin's movie "The Jerk", 1979
Don’t be sad, here watch me juggle! Image from Steve Martin’s movie “The Jerk”, 1979

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A Conversation with “Indistractable” author Nir Eyal

Eyal wrote Hooked to uncover how tech companies keep us coming back for more time on their apps, sites, and devices. His new book Indistratable is meant to help us take back control of our lives.


7 things you’ll learn in Dan Kennedy’s “The Ultimate Sales Letter”

Creating a winning sales letter isn’t an accident. Kennedy is one of the best marketers out there. In his book The Ultimate Sales Letter, he lays out 28 steps to help ensure your letter is the best it can be. Here are a few things you can learn to improve your own marketing…


There Is Such a Thing as Toxic Positivity (and You Might Be Guilty of It)

When we brush aside someone’s emotions and try to replace them with a positive outlook, we think we’re being helpful. We’re not.