Persuasion Articles of the Week

Photo "Royal" by PhotoAtelier, Flickr CC-By-2.0
Does your writing persuade people? Find some tips below… Photo “Royal” by PhotoAtelier, Flickr CC-By-2.0

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Persuasion Play Podcast 005: Mindset with Ed Latimore

Join Ed Latimore and me as we discuss mindset, perspective, Twitter influence, money making, and so much more!


How Eye Contact Prepares the Brain to Connect

Don’t skimp on the eye contact!


Persuasive writing techniques that work like witchcraft.

Three writing ideas that help persuade with words.


Effective Self-Control Strategies Involve Much More Than Willpower, Research Shows

Willpower is a horrible way to get anything done.


Saying this 1 sentence will make you 19 percent more likable (and most people never do it)

Taking someone else’s perspective shows empathy. But to be more likable for your empathy, this article suggests that you have to make it known. “I can really put myself in your shoes” is a phrase which does just that — and also uses visual language, which is good persuasion.