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Photo "Brothers in a Dangerous Trade" by Joel Penner, Flickr, CC-By-2.0
Photo “Brothers in a Dangerous Trade” by Joel Penner, Flickr, CC-By-2.0

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10 Things You’ll Learn in “The System Club Letters” by Ken McCarthy

Persuasive copywriter Ken McCarthy shares some tips in his book The System Club Letters.


The secret to being witty, revealed

Wit and humor are a connection of different ideas in surprising ways, often with a buildup and release of tension. A new book helps to teach us to make these connections between different domains of knowledge.


What Constant Surveillance Does to Your Brain

It’s been demonstrated that we act differently when we know we’re being watched. We tend to act less selfishly, with a higher level of stress.


How to train your brain to accept change, according to neuroscience

We live the stories that we tell ourselves. As we age it’s important to not get too stuck on those stories, and instead push our brain out of its comfort zones.


How Can You Make Someone Tell The Truth? Make Eye Contact, A New Study Says

Eye contact builds connections and rapport.


How To Be a Systems Thinker

Begin to ask, “What’s the Connection?” instead of, “What’s the difference?”


What if the Placebo Effect Isn’t a Trick?

An interesting, long-form read about the history of the Placebo and its strong effect on our minds.