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"Book" by Noah Dibley, Flickr, CC-By-2.0
“Book” by Noah Dibley, Flickr, CC-By-2.0

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Advice from a World-Renowned Copywriter (Robert Collier Letter Book, Part 1)

Collier was a successful direct mail marketer. His Robert Collier Letter Book has been studied for over 85 years as a resource for successful sales letters. Here is a quick rundown of the first seven chapters, with information you can use to create more compelling offers.


3 Effective (If Slightly Evil) Persuasion Tricks You Can Learn From Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs wasn’t known for being “nice.”


Two Wrongs Make a Right

People are going to have different ideas about reality. Sometimes it’s best to avoid the argument and let people be wrong… because it might just be you who is wrong.


Bad News for People Who Can’t Remember Names

Using, and remembering, names helps other people feel important. You lose a bit of credibility and influence when you ask someone for their name… again. (Still, I’d argue, asking for a name is better than using the wrong name.)


The Secret Behind Authentic And Persuasive CEO Speeches

Story telling helps us connect with listeners. They humanize us when we admit to hardships and struggles.


5 Smart Things to Do Right After Making a Big Mistake at Work

Mistakes happen. Own it and look at it with some perspective.


Just 7 Days of Small Acts of Kindness Will Make You Happier, Oxford Research Proves

Acts of kindness reward our own brain and help us to see ourselves as better people… which becomes a new script that we may continue to fulfill.


Seeing is Believing

Our brains are greatly influenced by what we see. We tend to think we’re logical creatures, or that humanity has evolved past our base desires. Sorry Charlie it’s just not true.