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"Boy watches TV for the first time from an appliance store window 1948"
“Boy watches TV for the first time from an appliance store window 1948”

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Build Your Inner Fortress

Trying to push against others is a recipe for failure. Work with others and find common ground to do so. And when the world comes pushing against you, hold your frame…


Twitter Fact-Checking Won’t Free Us From Our Baseless Convictions

People’s opinions aren’t generally based in facts, but on the feelings we have around information. Instead, we “drop faulty beliefs not when they’re disproven by scientists or lawyers, but when—and only when—they cost us our relationships, our professional standing, our freedom, and even our chances for survival.”


Look up from your screen

People, especially children, need to be physically engaged in the world to learn. Isolation in front of a computer screen isn’t going to work.


The Cognitive Biases Tricking Your Brain

How can we work with our brains to better overcome the biases we all have?


Derek DelGaudio Conjurs Life After His Off-Broadway Smash ‘In & Of Itself’

I wrote about In & Of Itself before. In this interview, DelGaudio discusses the difficulty we all have with Identity.


How Your Brain Tricks You Into Believing Fake News

We don’t have enough time to vet every source of info or to get multiple sides of the same story. We tend to believe what confirms our biases and move on.