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"Mmmmm, Burgers!" by m01229, Flickr, CC-By-2.0
“Mmmmm, Burgers!” by m01229, Flickr, CC-By-2.0

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10 Things I Learned from “The Design of Everyday Things” by Donald A. Norman

Everything around you has been designed — some of it by Nature, much of it by Humans. When something is designed well, it’s easy to use and understand. Bad design is all too common, however. Does your product or service have good Affordances, Constraints, and Mappings?


Here Are 16 Psychological Tricks to Immediately Make You More Likeable

16 ways to help people to feel good around you.


Can You Hypnotize Yourself? Yes, And Here’s How

The new book “Close your Eyes, Get Free” delves into the realm of self-hypnosis for improved clarity and emotional control. This article covers one method for lowering your stress.


The Dangers of Being Nice

Being nice isn’t the same as being kind or compassionate. Nice people put others ahead of their own needs or emotions, causing themselves pain and slowing the course of their own success. Be Decisive or be a Doormat.


Woman loses over 150 lbs after being hypnotized into thinking she had surgery

The power of the mind my friends! Cravings for junk food are a feedback loop that triggers chemical rewards in your brain. (This is covered in the book Salt, Sugar, Fat.) Hypnosis can help you to break out of those patterns and feedback loops!


Even CEOs get nervous about their jobs

Fake it until you Make it? Even CEOs are unprepared for the roles they take on. Does this mean they give up? Everyone has unknown challenges. Don’t let that slow you down. Frame your mindset to grow into your challenges.