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Photo "CL Society 218: Crossing arms" by Francisco Osorio, Flickr, CC-By-2.0
Photo “CL Society 218: Crossing arms” by
Francisco Osorio, Flickr, CC-By-2.0

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Why you Fail after you Win

Average is “in the middle.” The further you stray from your average, the greater the pull back towards that average.

Drive: 10 Things I learned from Daniel Pink

The most recent book review by Jeffrey with

The Amazing Psychology of Japanese Train Stations

The book Nudge is now ten years old, and its impact can be found everywhere. In Japan they’re reducing suicides with some well-placed lights, and that’s just a part of it.


What is something that society refuses to acknowledge?

Advertisements play to our insecurities.


Money a better motivator to stop smoking than free e-cigs or quit aids

The headline is a bit misleading. It’s not that offering money is a better motivator. Instead, money already given, but threatened to be taken away, is the better motivator. People will fight harder to not lose what they already have. Loss aversion and prospect theory at play!


Want to Debias Hiring? Change What Hiring Managers Focus On

Changing the available options can improve the appeal of other options. Remember, every choice is made within the context of a comparison.


The Best Way to Persuade Someone That They’re Wrong Is to Show Them How They’re Right

Disagreeing with someone will cause them to justify their actions. When we agree with someone, everyone puts down their defenses and can have a more reasonable conversation. At this point you can pace and lead people towards more logical positions, for them to draw their own conclusions.

10 Things Unstoppable People Do That Average People Don’t

Go out there and conquer the world.


How to Actually Start the Task You’ve Been Avoiding

Most things aren’t difficult, it’s the transition to starting that’s difficult. Get started.