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"Boy watches TV for the first time from an appliance store window 1948"
“Boy watches TV for the first time from an appliance store window 1948”

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10 Things I Learned from “Nudge” by Thaler and Sunstein

Defaults matter when people are too busy to make rational decisions.


What is your Cash really worth? The Law of Diminishing Returns

When you’re looking to influence, make the biggest impact that you can.


Fewer heart attack patients die when top cardiologists are away at conferences, study finds

Experts tend to see every problem as a nail for their hammering.


Has dopamine got us hooked on tech?

Yes, to the detriment of everything else in our lives.


The screen time debate is pitting parents against each other

My kids zone out completely when they get screen time. Their attention is locked and so we limit the amount and we limit the time of day. Not everyone does. Screen time has become a babysitter for many hectic families. I see a future where some children can think critically and use their bodies, and other children have been deprived of their development. Of course, the parents of these children will be saying, “but we didn’t know!” or “but we had no choice!” Yes, of course you do.

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