Persuasion Articles of the Week

"Engineering Department employees, 1962, Item 74240" by Seattle Municipal Archives, Flickr, CC-By-2.0
“Engineering Department employees, 1962, Item 74240” by Seattle Municipal Archives, Flickr, CC-By-2.0

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10 Things I Learned from Win Bigly by Scott Adams

A highly personal story that has cost me friends and gained me new understanding of humanity.


How to Find Commonality to Influence Employees

Find what’s important to your audience and frame your goals or requests in ways that speak to their motivations.


Empathize with your Political Foe

During a two-sided demonstration last summer, two Pro-Trump and a Black Lives Matter leaders stood on stage together. Rather than butt heads, they reframed the debate to a Higher Ground, that of being Americans.


This is the Scientific Way to Win Any Argument

Just like the above articles describe, changing our own framing of an argument to match what the recipient is open to hearing can lead to great influence.


17 Easy Ecommerce Store Design Tricks to Skyrocket Sales Now

Design can make or break a website. People want easy. Any friction that you add, such as poor font choices or annoying auto-playing music, can disrupt their flow and drive them away.


20 Classical Illusions that Stump Everyone

Our visual system drives most of our thoughts and behaviors. Illusions demonstrate just how easily it can be fooled.


Why Complements are So Embarrassing

We don’t like being in the spotlight for any reason. Learn to accept complements with a simple “Thank You.”


Does your Gut Hold The Secret to Performance?

Our stomach’s microbiome is filled with millions of bacteria that help drive our impulses, our hunger, our sleeping patterns. The connection between our stomach and our brain is known as the “brain-gut axis.” The gut is a “second brain” and researchers are looking to see if it can influence our athletic abilities.