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"BMW 525 E12 - Tony's Portrait" by WillVision, Flickr, CC-By-2.0
Cool. Everybody wants some. “BMW 525 E12 – Tony’s Portrait” by WillVision, Flickr, CC-By-2.0

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The 2 Ways to Become the Cool Person You Always Wanted to Be

Extroversion and contrarian views are two ways to stand out as unique and cool. These require confidence. All of this can be learned.


Why willpower is overrated

We’ve discussed it before: will power is limited and generally not a reliable source of strength. If you want to make a change you need to change your environment and the factors leading up to the decision point where we think will  power should be helping us. It’s all dominoes, my friend.


Improving Ourselves to Death

An interesting look at the very self improvement and persuasive ideas that we discuss on PRL. The article discusses the goal of being happy with average and living a slower life. I’d like to think these are not contrary ideas at all. By cutting out the unimportant things, slowing down in life, and looking at ourselves from an external frame, we’re able to excel at what interests us.


Why Fear May Be Killing Your Creativity

Pushing our boundaries into the unknown helps us to grow and see what more is out there. Personal change and growth can also alienate our friends or family who are comfortable with the status quo. No one ever became amazing with the status quo. Take control in this life. There are great things beyond fear.


Healing From a Toxic Childhood? The Two Words You Need Most

Forgive others for your own selfish sake: Let Go.

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