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What's the TV suggest today? Photo "Television" by dailyinvention, Flickr, CC-By-2.0
Photo “Television” by dailyinvention, Flickr, CC-By-2.0

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‘Our minds can be hijacked’: the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia

You can only focus on one thing. Your mobile phone will decide what that is.

Silicon Valley Is Not Your Friend

You’re still focusing on your mobile phone.

How the FBI Shapes its Image Through Movies

Perception is reality. The FBI controls its brand and public perception by cooperating with Hollywood movie makers.

How Mindfulness Meditation Can Save America

We all benefit when we examine — and question — our biases and feelings.

Meet the nocebo effect, the placebo effect’s evil twin that makes you feel pain

Pricier placebos hurt more? Our brains are so easily fooled.

How Do Americans Feel About The NFL Protests? It Depends On How You Ask.

It’s all about the framing of the question.