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Oysterman," FSA photograph by Russell Lee, public domain, 1938
“Oysterman,” FSA photograph by Russell Lee, public domain, 1938

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Trump-Putin Talks Raise Fears Ex-Spymaster to Get Upper Hand

Trump vs Putin, who’s a better manipulator?

5 Brain Training Techniques to Cultivate Your Creative Genius

As we’re learning here on PRL, brains are programmable. Get to it.

Why Fact-Checking Doesn’t Faze Trump Fans

Trump’s fans are emotionally invested and they’ve publicly supported him. People strive to reduce cognitive dissonance within their own brain, including remaining consistent to a position. It’s easier to say the other person may have made a mistake, but I did not, and I still hold this position.

How fear influences athletes—and what you can do to have a healthy relationship with it

Fear is a big driver of action and motivation. In The Art of Fear we learn four stages that help us embrace that fear and use its potential.