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Feet touching indicates intimacy. Photo "untouched-feet" by James Lee, Flickr, CC-By-2.0
Feet touching indicates intimacy. Photo “untouched-feet” by James Lee, Flickr, CC-By-2.0

How to Learn New Things as an Adult

Our brains expand their skills when we work outside of our comfort zone. We also learn better when we’re teaching others, making the topic more relevant to our own lives.

This Is How To Stop Checking Your Phone: 5 Secrets From Research

Our brain is addicted to the dopamine that our phones provide. Here are 5 ways to help break that cycle, starting with changing the scripts you tell yourself.

How two companies hooked customers on rarely used products

How to build habits around products that aren’t frequently used. Creating great content increases a seller’s mindshare when it comes time for a customer to make a purchase. Building a community around a shared interest is another option, keeping people engaged even when they’re not purchasing. “Monetization is a result of engagement” is the takeaway.

The Like Button Ruined the Internet

As we’re learning here on PRL, people are driven by the chemical reactions that happen in our brain. Dopamine! When the Like button drives the content that is produced, that content trends towards the lowest common denominator.

Human bias is making AI racist

Humans program the machines. They’re inheriting our poor decision making skills and learning from the biases we write about.

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