Persuasion Articles of the Week

Photo "img033" by CTTim, Flickr, CC-By-2.0
Photo “img033” by CTTim, Flickr, CC-By-2.0

7 lessons from psychology that explain the irrational fear of outsiders

The division of people to In-groups and Out-groups can cause irrational fear. Identity is evolutionary and it’s instinctual, and it can be used against us.


The Secret to Keeping Your Goals When You Have Zero Willpower

Fitness-focused, but the underlying appeal to an emotional connection is universal: “You need to connect your fitness goals to the things in life you secretly desire but dare not speak out loud.”


Fascinating Study Shows How To Open A Closed Mind

Presenting information in a visual format, such as a chart, is far more persuasive than trying to convince someone with words alone.


The 25 Most Influential Super Bowl Ads of All Time

Starting with Apple Computer’s 1984 ad, the SuperBowl has been a moneysuck of advertising. Here are some influential ads that have created a cultural impact.


The surgeon giving his patients VR instead of Sedatives

Keeping the brain visually distracted helps people remain calm when under surgery or other stressful events.