Persuasion Articles of the Week

How a Serial Con Man Fooled Silicon Valley and Took an NFL Star’s Millions

Apparently, Eren Niazi was very persuasive last decade. He just got out of jail.


How I Decreased My Weekly Office Hours From 40-plus to Less Than 8

The secret is to cut out the unnecessary b.s. and get things done, and permit others to get their jobs done as well. Some day I hope this filters down from CEOs to the entire staff of companies. Life’s too short to spend it all at work.


To Break a Phone Addiction, Turn Your Screen Gray

The colours on our phones are used to manipulate us. Red, used as an example here, increases our alertness. In exchange, our brains release endorphins to ensure we’re ready when on high-alert. Those endorphins feel good and we end up in a feedback loop. Meanwhile, tech companies get richer every time you interact with your phone.

I turned my Android screen grey immediately after learning about the option.
Why gut feelings may really help you make risky decisions

Paying attention to your body’s non-verbal signals can help you make better decisions. (As an aside for PRL, paying attention to the non-verbals of other people can help you read those people better. We’ll be covering ‘What Every BODY Is Saying‘ to learn more about body language in future posts).


Eyes offer window into brain’s timekeepers

Eye pupils dilate or contract based on our perception of time. This info is great to know if you’re trying to influence and persuade people.