Persuasion Articles of the Week

Behind Our Anxiety, the Fear of Being Unneeded by the Dalai Lama

We’re afraid to feel unneeded and feel outside of society. Emotions drive our behaviour, including our vote. Service to others makes everyone happier.


Seven ways your lizard brain can improve your persuasion skills

Again, focus on emotion to drive behaviour.


Mark Zuckerberg Says Fake News on Facebook Affecting the Election Is a ‘Crazy Idea’

Mr. Zuckerberg’s own tools ensure that people only see stories which reinforce their beliefs. Of course fake and outrageous stories will influence people if they never see any rebuttal to that headline.


Why This CEO’s Employees Gave Him a Tesla Model S

They gave him a car — but they also gave him a better workforce and company. Because he first gave them trust and enough income to live comfortably. Reciprocity, baby!


He Was Surprised as Anyone

“The usual metrics of reality like actual truth just don’t matter. It’s how it makes you feel when you’re listening. And that’s what [Donald Trump] really was very, very strong at.”