Kevin Hart’s Guide To Complaining

This chair is Ass.

Saint Paul

Yesterday morning while I was getting ready for work, I listened to a bit of the Joe Rogan podcast with comedian Kevin Hart.

Kevin is hilarious. His new Netflix special “Irresponsible” is great (unlike the dirty and actually irresponsible stand-up special by a pregnant comedian whom I shall not name.)

Now, on Rogan’s podcast, Kevin talks about surrounding yourself with positivity.

It’s so easy to complain, he says:

<“This new car is ass. This movie is ass.”
>”Have you seen it?”
<“No— what are we taking about?”

It’s a very funny conversation.

It’s easy to have the opinion of a hater. You don’t have to do anything… you don’t have to prove anything… you don’t have to defend anything.

You don’t have to create anything to bring the negativity.

Check out your conversations today. How many are straight up complaints, with no solution offered, either from your associates… or even from you?

As the old line goes…

Put up or shut up.

You can find the podcast here

Keep it on the high note.


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