I can’t hear a word they say:
Decoding Non-Verbal Communication

Hello #PRL reader! Today we’re starting our next PRL book, Joe Navarro’s What Every BODY is Saying.

Joe Navarro's book teaches you to decode body language.
Joe Navarro’s book teaches you to decode body language.

Awesome book. After understanding the concepts in What Every BODY is Saying, your eyes will be opened to these non-verbal behaviors around you, all the time.

The open secrets in this book have increased my awareness of my surroundings. I’m more empathetic to people’s desires. I’m more in-tune with a situation, and I’m more engaged as a result. This new knowledge makes me want to spend more free time just people-watching to learn even more.

I highly recommend this book.

Chapter One: Mastering the Secrets of Non-verbal communication.

Non-verbal communication includes hand gestures, body movement, facial expressions, clothing choices, and tattoos. Often times, these gestures and movements can give insights to people’s true feelings and intentions.

Navarro’s 10 Commandments will help you improve your skills to decode Non-Verbal Communication:

  1. Be a “competent observer” and use all of your senses
  2. Observe non-verbals within the context of the situation
  3. Learn universal behaviors
  4. Learn a person’s unique ticks and behaviors
  5. Establish people’s baseline behavior
  6. Watch for multiple tells in succession
  7. Watch for changes in behavior to reflect internal changes in thoughts
  8. Beware false or misleading signals
  9. Comfort and Discomfort are the two main states you’re looking for
  10. Be subtle when observing others

This is going to be a fun book with a lot to learn. We’ll work through this together over the upcoming weeks. Pick up a copy today!

I love this song. See you next time!

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Decoding Non-Verbal Communication”

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