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Thank you to my visitors and subscribers. I am very excited for the response I’ve received.  I love it, you all are great.

I’ve heard from some of my subscribers that they’d prefer a video summary of the PRL books, with slides to help reinforce the message and main points.  If you agree, please email me or let me know in the comments!

Free Giveaway to PRL Subscribers!

"My Life in Advertising" by Claude C. Hopkins
“My Life in Advertising” by Claude C. Hopkins

I’m working to release my first Executive Summary soon, on the outstanding book “My Life in Advertising” by Claude C. Hopkins.  I will do my Executive Summary as a video initially, and I plan to have an extracted-audio version and a transcribed-text version available before too long. [Edit: I’ll be releasing notes and summaries first as posts on this site, with video planned for later]

I will give away one copy of Hopkins’ “My Life in Advertising” to a PRL email subscriber (via Amazon Prime delivery options). If you’d like a chance to own this iconic book, click here to sign up for the PRL mailing list if you’re not already.  You’ll receive executive summaries of the best books on Persuasion and Influence delivered right to your inbox.

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