December: 31 Ways To #ChangeState — Day 1: Act


1:22 pm Saturday
Saint Paul, MN

*|FNAME|*, welcome to December!

It’s been getting dark early here in Minnesota. My 3 year old son, who wasn’t really “online” last year, is amazed that houses all have porch lights and need to use them in the dark. Funny little guy.


We have little over 4 weeks before the new year. And while it doesn’t mean much in itself, it does mean we’re one step closer to the pearly gates.

Things need done!

One of the things I write about is that our brains are influenced by the things around us, and by changing those inputs, we create better outcomes.

This year I really wanted to write a book or article or something, cataloging ways we can change our attitudes (state) when we find ourselves feeling down or stuck.

What are some ways we can change those inputs?

On my twitter feed I was able to list 30 Ways to Change State.

With this year wrapping up, I decided to expand a bit on that list and create “31 cards” to cover this idea, one per day.

Not all are equally applicable to various situations of feeling stuck or emotionally drained, and I expect you’ll find one or two that can help you.

This is 31 Ways to Change State. Day 1: Act.



PS If you think your friend might benefit from this project, please forward these along!