Business Growth with Ben Settle
(Persuasion Play Podcast 007)

I’m not entirely sure when I first heard about copywriter Ben Settle from I signed up for his daily email list in July of 2018, some 10 months ago. I’ve since received over 600 emails from him.

And I open every one.

Ben’s emails discuss email marketing and adjusting your mindset towards success.

Ben Settle is known for hi daily email methods and business advice
Ben Settle is known for hi daily email methods and business advice

Sounds perfect for little ol’ me.

Ben’s been creating and releasing a lot of content this year (2019). Our conversation was postponed more than once. As I listen to our conversation now… it was well worth the wait.

I hope you enjoy this interview with the man himself, Ben Settle.

In this episode of the Persuasion Play Podcast, Ben and I discuss:

    • Ben’s print newsletter, Email Players, and his daily email methods to improve your marketing (1:20)
    • Ben’s early influences on his copywriting career (1:57) (links below)
    • How you can recreate the structure of your brain — starting today (3:32)
    • Ben’s timeless, shouldn’t-be-secret advice to finding new clients as a freelance writer (starting at 5:42)
    • Ben’s hilarious, unfiltered opinions on Business Coaches (8:00)
    • Where to find industries with large mailing lists… surprise, it’s the same source that legend Gary Halbert himself used (14:00)
    • The one “Holy Grail Rule” of Direct Mail that most clients ignore (17:45)
    • How to handle clients that push against the success you bring (19:30)
    • The reason you might want to use ugly and plain-text emails instead of a slick marketing campaign (21:20)
    • Jim Camp’s powerful lesson of “Being Un-OK” and how email allows you to perfect this approach with your clients (starting at 23:50)
    • If you have an email list sitting around… Ben tells you exactly why you should be using it (29:50)
    • Ben’s “do the opposite” approach to his content creation and why it’s the best option for his buyers (32:00)
    • The old-school negotiation mindset that Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka used to turn his acidic relationship with the Bears’ owner into a successful coaching career (37:00)
    • Ben’s differentiation between Pitching… and Selling (40:02)
    • Ben’s legal advice when working with your clients… and why a written contract might not be your best option (starts at 41:32)
    • What you can expect from different Myers-Briggs personality types when you’re working with others (46:31)
    • Hear Ben describe Jim Camp’s “Theory of Mind” and the sin of confirmation bias (50:11)
    • The best market research a copywriter can do to ensure he’s connecting with his market (50:55)
    • The “engine of the car” that Ben identifies to make yourself insanely persuasive and influential (51:26)
    • Where Ben’s Villains books come from — and how easy it can be for you to do this same thing with your domain of knowledge (58:00)
    • And more!

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The 7 Lost Secrets of Success by Joe Vitale

The Ultimate Sales Letter by Dan Kennedy

Persuasion Secrets of the World’s Most Charismatic & Influential Villains by Ben Settle

Super Villains of Persuasion by Ben Settle

If you’re into persuasion, influence, or marketing, you won’t want to miss this episode 007 with Ben Settle!

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