Baby it’s cold outside!



Saint Paul


Good morning *|FNAME|*, the weekend is here after the whirlwind of Christmas and visiting family.


This coming Monday I’ll be back at the office, freezing at my desk in the 68° warehouse…


But not yet.


In 1943, Abraham Maslow introduced his Hierarchy of Needs.


These five levels identify the base needs a person has to meet —physiological, safety, love, and esteem— before one can work at their higher, human level of Creativity or Concentration.


For example, when a student comes to school hungry, cold, or unrested… his lower-level needs haven’t been met. He may not feel safe in his home environment.


When these needs haven’t been met, the student’s brain can’t operate to learn or create or focus on the classroom.


I have this similar problem at work, when my core temperature falls all day long. I get cranky… I lose focus and productivity… my thoughts aren’t as sharp.


And I hate to admit it, but sometimes I don’t even recognize that I’m in this cold, unproductive state.


I recently read that, if you’re out hiking and you’re cold and wondering how much longer to hike —

stop immediately and build a fire!


When you’re cold, the reasoning went, you’re unable to make calculated, intelligent decisions.


I have a small list taped to my monitor to help bring up my body’s core temperature when I need it:

  • Ujjayi breathing
  • Push ups
  • Take a walk
  • Fingerless gloves
  • Hat
  • Sport coat or sweater
  • Tuck in shirttails


These options are always at hand whenever I need to address my most basic physiological deficiency, Temperature.


Stay warm out there!