​31 Ways To #ChangeState — Day 28: Association


9:07am Friday

Saint Paul


Well, |*FNAME|*, I asked for Christmas snow. Instead we got some 20 hours of freezing rain.


For whatever reason, I associate Christmas with Snow. I think of one and my brain links in the other.


In fact, looking back at the last few decades… this is a false association. There has been some snow in the past, but historically — December averages just over one inch of precipitation.


Anthony Robbins discusses the power of association in his book, Awaken the Giant Within.


Robbins tells the story of associating food with scarcity. Once Robbins started earning more money and buying better food — Robbins began to over-eat.


Robbins then tells of his success and method to change these associations.


Robbins used the power of music, and would crank the volume of a favorite song while pushing away his uneaten food.


The repetition of feeling good with the music became a new association of feeling good while not overeating.


Your own associations, or “idea constellations” as I like to call them, may be widespread, or they may be unique to you. They build your world view, for better or for worse.


Associations are powerful. In the worst situations, they can be used to cement your opinion or feeling about things, such as food or smoking or political ideas.


Now, cemented ideas are dangerous. There’s no mental growth with cemented ideas.


Associations can limit your beliefs about your own potential…

limit the potential and credit you give to the people around you…

limit your ideas about the way the world “should” work.


Associations can also enable growth!

If you’re able to associate your spare time with building your future

associate success with dedicated work

associate feeling good with whatever change you’d like to make…

you’re able to build new routines and habits.


You need to associate the new routine with benefits… with as many benefits as you can manage to create.


You need to identify more benefits with the new routine than benefits from the old routine.


In fact, associating the old routine with detriments (and not benefits) will further strengthen your attempt to change your opinion or outlook or behavior.


2019 is around the corner. What limits are you putting on yourself or those around you?


What associations have you made in the past that are no longer serving you?


And… what new habits can you create in 2019, and how are you going to associate those successful changes with an improved future?




PS Awaken the Giant Within is an excellent book that further explores the ideas of changing your limiting beliefs and associations. Pick it up cheap on Amazon to kickstart your 2019—