​31 Ways To #ChangeState — Day 24: Visualize



Saint Paul


I’m really hoping for a bit of snow today.


Christmas in Minnesota is cold… or it’s supposed to be.


And what good is the cold without some snow?


What we see impacts our thinking and behaviors, far more than any other input to our brain.


So when I see snow, it impacts my attitude about the weather. I don’t love the cold… but I do like the beauty of falling snow. I can handle the cold if there’s beauty all around.


And if I can’t see any snow today?

I can close my eyes… and imagine the snow in my mind’s eye.


And if I  want to get out of the cold all together?

I  can close my eyes… and imagine myself on a warm beach with the sand between my toes.


After all, as Daniel Kahneman taught us, What You See is All There Is.


So keep an eye out for the good… and close your eyes to visualize it if you must.


Have a Merry Christmas,