31 Ways To #ChangeState — Day 21: Location



Saint Paul


Hello there my not-so-furry friend!


With Christmas fast approaching, I find myself running short on time. Work, shopping, kids…


It all adds up to a hectic holiday.


That’s why a routine is helpful.


When I sit at the table in the evening, writing to you or copying Robert Collier sales letters by hand, I know what the next 33 minutes and 33 seconds will look like.


When I sit at my desk at my job, I know what I’m there to do.


When I’m in the shower — I take cold showers of course, to push myself into discomfort — well, I have a plan there too.


Your location impacts your mood… your expectations… your productivity… your energy!


That’s why “they” suggest not watching TV or using Phones in your bed— you don’t want to associate your bed with restlessness (and the Blue Light of screens contributes to that restlessness).


Sometimes though, we don’t want routine. We need to shake ourselves from the slumber of routine and get a fresh perspective.


Did someone say Vacation? Sure — you buy, I’ll fly!


Although, a tropical island vacation is not the only way to Change your State with Location.


Instead, you can take what I call a Location Vacation — any change in your location will change your inputs, which changes the outcomes.


Take a walk outdoors. Find some nature. Do some work at a coffee shop. Visit a museum. Eat at a different restaurant. Travel a different route to work.


When we put ourselves into a different location, we have different inputs. We create different expectations. We’re forced to work through different patterns.


We awaken our sense of curiosity and potential.


This is one thing I love about photography. To get unique shots, a photographer is forced to find new locations where to shoot.


If you’re feeling stuck in your attitude, consider getting unstuck by literally moving your ass to a new location.


You’ll never know what’s waiting for you until you get moving.