31 Ways To #ChangeState — Day 19: Exercise

19-exercise.svg10:01pm Tuesday

Saint Paul


All good?

We just finished up wrapping some Christmas gifts — everyone’s getting socks.  I’mma drop this real quick before I head to the land of nod.

Yesterday in our 31 Ways to Change State we discussed Distraction, and how sometimes our distractions work against us… and how you can use them to work for your benefit.

One of the ideas I shared was to write out the thoughts that are bouncing around in your brain.

That can help calm the waters, as they say, giving your brain the chance to focus where it matters.

But what if that doesn’t calm your waters?

(That’s why we have 31 in this list— these ideas are not all going to work at all times!)

Now, sometimes you might have other energy, a physical energy that needs to be burned up so you can settle yourself down to use your mental energy…

Sometimes you’re not feeling prepared, dreading to the task ahead…

Sometimes you might have a craving for food, or alcohol, cigarettes, drugs…

Sometimes you might be getting a bit tired at 3pm after sitting at your desk all day…

All of these can be remedied by exercise.

Craving something unhealthy? Immediately combat that with some exercise.

Your job is to link in your brain the craving for the bad with the result of the exercise—

Exercise gets your blood flowing!

Exercise releases endorphins to help mask your muscles’ pain, helping you feel good all over!

Exercise releases dopamine to reward yourself for for reaching goals!

Exercise increases your metabolism to burn off energy and improve your sleep!

Now, you don’t need to perform strenuous exercise.

Simply go for a walk, or do some push-ups.

Commit improving your mood and health every day, setting aside a specific time to exercise.

If you attend a gym, you know what we’re talking about for today’s Exercise entry.

Some people require the setting of a Gym to get motivated.

Others might hate the very thought of entering a gym, or spending the time that a gym trip requires.

If you’re not into the gym, that’s fine. I still suggest you incorporate some exercise into your home routine.

Personally, I do pull-ups and push-ups and squats nearly every morning. I walk about 30 minutes every day at work during breaks. And I try to incorporate more push-ups and pull-ups later in the night when I return home.

Am I jacked?


But do I feel better after just a few minutes, knowing I’ve pushed my limits a bit and I’m improving my health and my brain is now flooded with dopamine and endorphins?

Damn right I do.

It’s easy, it’s smart, it’s fast, and it’s healthy. Maintaining momentum is the hardest part, which is why you should incorporate the exercise into a routine that you already have (like your morning prep, or your work break).

Find 5 minutes (or more) of your day to incorporate some light exercise in 2019. Tell me if you don’t feel better.