31 Ways To #ChangeState — Day 14: Breathe


10:59 pm Thursday

Saint Paul


Sup *|FNAME|*, how’s it bangin.


Tonight I went Christmas shopping, solo.


If you know Saint Paul, you might know that we have the Mall of America (in nearby Bloomington).


It’s crazy that I live an 8 minute drive from one of North America’s largest centers of commerce.


So anyways, I did done shopped… and I got about half of my gift list…


…and as you can imagine… more than once tonight among the masses…

I found myself breathing deeply!


In through the nose, out through the mouth. I think that’s right.


At least, that’s how I do it.


Now, I’ve gotta admit, I’m not an “expert breather”… although I do do it for a living (ba-dum-cheee).


For example, there’s a whole diaphragm technique that I don’t know. And I know I don’t know this way to breath. I’ve never spent time to fix that knowledge gap. (I just searched for the link for you, I didn’t even watch it.)


Back to what I mean is, there are likely other ways to breath which we’ve never considered! (Maybe we should do a “breathing” podcast?)


Anywho— I do know these few pointers to breathing—

  • breathing deeply reduces stress, so do it frequently (but don’t be obnoxious), and
  • intentional breathing during exercise is important (don’t hold your breath!), and
  • controlled breathing during meditation is important (maintain focus!), and
  • restricted-throat breathing, called Ujjayi, is used in yoga to increase your body temperature and energy (I use it at work for these reasons), and
  • Wim Hof’s method helps to massively increase your blood’s oxygen supply (ok to hold your breath!), and
  • the release of water vapor when you breath is a result of your body burning fat for energy, but
  • don’t be a mouth breather (that’s why you have a nose), and
  • counting up breaths from 1 to 20 at night can put me to sleep right quick.


And so I’m off to do just that, while you remember that Oxygen is Healthy™




I know there are typos in the graphic. I tried to find the updated version but it seems to have walked off. Thanks for reading even though I get some of da words wrong.