This Week’s Articles about Persuasion

Your Customers’ Brains Are Hard-Wired to Decode These 10 Signals

This covers persuasive copywriting tactics to hook people’s interest in your products.


Lying may be your brain’s fault, honestly

CNN discusses your brain’s activity during a lie, and how telling lies gets easier over time. Persuasion shouldn’t be used to manipulate, but understanding the actions, emotions, and intentions of others is important.


Persuade, not Manipulate

This article discusses the differences between Persuasion and Manipulation, and encourages you to become comfortable with Persuasion in your quest to become an effective leader. PRL will help with that.


The Myth of Self-Control

Vox reports on current studies that say relying on self-control is futile and exhausting. People who succeed at ‘self-control’ generally remove temptations rather than relying on their willpower. Systems win as willpower fails. Because we’re all uncontrollable animals at heart.