19 things you’ll learn from copywriter Matt Rizvi
(Persuasion Play Podcast 004)

Matt Rizvi is a multi-million dollar copywriter. After honing his skills at Stansberry Research for three years, Matt started freelance copywriting in 2016.

Listen to Episode 004 of the Persuasion Play Podcast with Matt Rizvi.

In this episode, Matt shares some incredible knowledge, including:

        • The difference between email copywriting and long form promotions (and where you should focus to increase your output) (3:30)
        • Matt’s Step-by-Step Template for Persuasive Copy (3:55)
        • Matt’s top three locations to research his markets to get into the heads of his buyers (starts at 10:40)
        • The importance of Stories and Data in your persuasion — and when to use each (11:39)
        • Matt’s experience at one of the world’s top copywriting firms and his tenacity to work his way up (13:00)
        • How Matt developed his Golden Gut for good ideas (16:20 and 28:40)
        • Matt’s suggestions for the top books for new copywriters, and when he recommends against Eugene Schwartz’ famous Breakthrough Advertising (17:24)
        • Where to find clients as a freelance copywriter — and the places to avoid so you don’t get lost in the crowd (25:47 and 52:30)
        • Matt’s most painful failure as a new copywriter — and what he learned (28:45)

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        • Which sells better to Doomsday Preppers (and any other market) — Prevention or a Cure? (29:45)
        • How to best use Facebook ads so they don’t choke your campaign (32:20)
        • What to write first — your Headline or your Copy? (and the process for each option)(34:40)
        • An expensive way to get the direct words and experiences of your customers (and how Matt turns this into promo gold) (37:10)
        • What it took for Matt to gave himself permission to create his email list and share his knowledge with his readers (40:43)
        • Matt’s secret motivation for selling his own copywriting course (42:20)
        • How Matt approaches his workday — and why Habits —not Routines— are his key to success (starts at 46:30)
        • Why Matt attends Writers Meetups with unpublished aspiring novelists (50:00)
        • Client Quality versus Quantity — and where new copywriters should focus their efforts (53:00)
        • Why Age can be an impediment to your growth as a copywriter — and the one thing you need to overcome to find smashing success (56:20)
        • And so much more!

Thank you Matt for sharing your time and expertise!

This conversation with Matt has changed my writing and changed my life. It just might change yours as well. Listen as Matt discusses what he’s learned as a copywriter… and how you can improve your skills today!