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You probably already know that your thoughts are influenced by your environment.

Because the human brain processes limited information, what we put in controls what comes out.

You can take control of your life when you discover the essentials of Persuasion, Influence, and the inner workings of your brain!

Would you be surprised if you could unlock the secrets to

  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Advance Your Career
  • Reach Your Goals


Butting Heads, Breaking Hearts, or Beating a Dead Horse.

Imagine how much you will accomplish when you’re seen as a leader.
These powerful persuasion concepts will instantly improve your life!

Pull back the covers to see what makes people tick. Take charge of your life.

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Have you ever bought a car because you liked the color? I did.

Then I started reading books on Persuasion, Influence, and Negotiation.

Hi, my name is Jeffrey, creator of PRL.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I find this topic fascinating and extremely useful. People are far more motivated by experiences and emotion than we realize!

It says a lot about you that you’re interested in learning how in influence and persuade. This lifelong skill defines leadership, and leadership is useful everywhere!

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